Oil Analysis Training

Virtual Comprehensive Oil Analysis

June 22 - June 24

8 AM - 5 PM EST

Comprehensive Oil Analysis 

This is a comprehensive 3-day course held online covering Lubrication Fundamentals and Oil Analysis. The training is designed for all levels of personnel involved in the oil analysis program. It is an ideal course for PdM Technicians, Plant Managers, Reliability Engineers, Reliability Technicians & Service Technicians.

A meeting link and course material will be sent out the week prior to the training start date.

Benefits of Training
Choosing a comprehensive training program will strengthen skills and bring employees up to a higher level of competency. The benefits can range from filling in gaps of knowledge to simply ensuring a consistent message is heard by all.

Course Topics 
- Lubrication Fundamentals
- Failure Modes and Maintenance Strategies
- Fluid Storage, Handling, Application, and Conditioning
- Sampling
- Lubricant Analysis

Registration Information
$1,495.00 per person

Group rates available upon request.

Optional Certification Information

Students must register for the exam through ICML or STLE. The exam registration fee is not included in the course registration fee.