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Analytical Ferrography

The Forensic Science
of Oil Analysis 

Utilizing Analytical Ferrography To Diagnose Wear Conditions and Prevent Machine Failure

Analytical Ferrography is among the most powerful diagnostic tools in oil analysis today. When implemented correctly it is an excellent tool when attempting to diagnose an active wear problem. However, it is frequently excluded from oil analysis programs because of the additional cost and a general misunderstanding of its value.

This paper will explain to you:

  • The importance of utilizing Analytical Ferrography to diagnose wear conditions
  • How the test is performed
  • What the test can uncover about your equipment
  • Why you should incorporate Analytical Ferrography to diagnose wear conditions

Also, learn why TestOil performs Analytical Ferrography on all Machine Condition anomalies triggered by the basic testing.  If we see a Marginal or Critical machine condition, an Analytical Ferrography is added to the sample at
NO additional charge.


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